Martinis Marchi, where nature meets the culture

15. February 2019.

This is island Solta, where nature meets culture and golden sunset in Maslinica bay warms your hearts, where the heritage of Martinis Marchi the castle isn’t the only reason why this wedding is so special. And I love this one even more as this is the island where I belong, with romantic draping that blows in the wind more than bright classic dress and this garden inspired wedding has it all!

Elegance, yet cozy ambiance sound of gentle waves lapping against sailboats in the near marina, an old castle for romantic dinner, small waves in surrounding for moments that will last forever in their hearts. They made their way from the UK to Croatia to exchange vows at a beautiful castle, surrounded by a heavenly garden and crystal blue sea. The flawless combination of both the bride and groom’s personalities came together to create an elegant and stylish, one of a kind event.