Boho beach wedding

19. July 2019.

When you say boho, you think of relaxed, laid back feeling, fragrant colors, retro vision, little vintage, and a  lot of dreamy cousy mood enriched with great location and fairy tale feeling all over the place.

This seafront ceremony was real fairy tale indeed, which included a stunning pampas grass and laid-back vibe with the most beautiful natural backdrop we have here.

And we absolutely love it when a real bride has a clear vision of her unique style and knows exactly what she wants to have on her wedding day.

So where is this stunning location? It is so secret that even local people wouldn’t  recognize it with this magical into old place settings and organic centerpieces with white details, enriched by rustic deep, velvety, and magical blue backdrop of our Croatian sea.

Enjoy these two love birds like we did!

Organized by Dreamtime Events Croatia