The look from above. Hidden beaches of island Solta.

19. December 2016.

When I was asked to do an aerial overview of the hidden beaches of Solta, I was more than happy to explore this island more, as some of them are not at all or hardly accessible by car. I have spent lot of time here and thought I knew the island by heart, fortunately for me, both as a local guy and a photographer, I was so surprised!

Fortunately the weather in late September and early October, when I took the most of these photos, was just right, almost as good as in the summertime, the sea was still warm and the island was not overcrowded with tourists. The result, these beaches provided me with a surreal, dreamy ambience of pure nature. This is the time in the year when you can experience true natural beauty of Solta that I honestly love the most.

The best way for a complete island sightseeing is by bike, simply riding from one bay to another, passing through rustic typical Dalmatian villages and ancient olive groves offering excellent local food & wine.

And for all of those who are more of an adventure sports people (like myself, I admit), a definitive MUST is sea kayaking, windsurfing or SUP paddling! The last but not least, don’t forget your diving mask! The world beneath the surface is another story. Will make sure to tell it once!



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